Monday, August 09, 2010

Damn.. Its been awhile

Well, I am not even going to try and recap everything that's happened since my last post. Biggest news, Stephanie and I got married surrounded by our family and friends at the same place I proposed to her one year earlier. We had a great wedding followed by a ride on the backstep of Engine 1 and then a reception at the firehouse. I'm a happy man.

Things have been completely nuts so far this year. Both of us are always busy either with work or the firehouse. So we aren't getting to spend very much time together. BUT... my understanding is my wife has planned a little surprise vacation for us at the end of the week that will be taking us to an " undisclosed location" for my birthday. We were going to to go in September, BUT... Steph got accepted into Medic school which starts in a few weeks. Which will basically be consuming her life for at least the next 6 months. But, she will be on a normal M-F schedule. So we will be able to spend some time together while she's not studying.

I'm assisting with instrucing up at the training center for the Fire 1 and 2 class that just started so time will be at a premium once again. I do really enjoy instructing though, there is something fulfilling about working with such a wide variety of people who are dedicating so much time to serving the communities they live and work in. Most of them share the same passion that I do about learning how to do the job and being committed to it.

I think many people don't realize just how much time goes into becoming a qualified Firefighter or EMT either volunteer or career. Hundreds of hours of classroom and practical training, and that's just to get you certified! Then, its on to actually gaining the practical real world experience outside of the classroom so you can apply the skills you have learned. As with everything else, learning really is a lifelong process, especially in the fire service where there is always something new to train on like I have mentioned before. New Cars, new tools, new chemicals, new hazards and anything else you can think of.

Anyway, today started out at about 0540 with a cardiac arrest call following a pretty busy night running calls including a small garage fire last night that seemed to drag on forever. Here's some pics from our little sissy fire compared to the one the boys ran today.
Last nights lil garage fire

Was supposed to be at work @ 0600 but by the time we picked up after the code, got back to the station and I cleaned up, I got to work a little after 7. And for those that are wondering.. yep, still working at the AOL. Still surviving. I spent 7 hours of my day on a conference call dealing with an issue that popped up in Germany. I actually don't even remember what time I left work. My shift is supposed to end at 1600 but Izzy was solo on the shift for the evening so I stayed and cleaned up the Germany mess I had created earlier in the day.

The boys from LCFR B shift caught a two alarmer this morning here in Leesburg and looks like they put a good stop on it. Pics are up at

Also some pics from a cut job we had on 267 a few weeks ago on my crew.

Rt 267 Trap

Its way past my bedtime. I'd tell you I was gonna post again soon but.. we've heard that before. :)

In the words of Mr. Michael Rodriguez " Roundin third and headin home".

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