Friday, June 26, 2009

You've Been Hit By.. You've been struck by a Smooth Criminal

I remember on Christmas, in 1982! Thats right 1982. My sister and I got a crapload of presents that year. There was the incredible hulk inflatable chair that my dad almost coded blowing up for me, some type of Star Wars Millenium Falcon type toy and a bunch of other stuff.

But the one thing.. the only thing we cared about was that Thriller RECORD. Yep, RECORD.. on Wax were the songs we would blare through the house over and over and over. Eventually.. getting told something along the lines of " Turn that crap off". And to this day.. Especially since I got my Iphone. At least one MJ song would find its way into my day. People talk about timeless music and staying power. There was nothing... even close to MJ.

Remember Friday Night videos? Anyone? I do. I remember my best friend Cassius when I was in elementary school. Friday nights I would spend the night at his house.. and we would get to stay up late and watch Friday night videos. They played Maddona, MJ and the various other artists of the day. But we always waited for whatever the Michael Jackson video was. Every year, we would always watch the Top Video countdown every week, and every year.. IT would always be Thriller. Eventually one of us got cable, or sattellite (remember those HUGE Sattelite dishes in the 80's?)and we found MTV.

Yesterday, I was in front of the firehouse and there must have been at least 20 cars that drove by blasting Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal because of the news of his death. Oh, and the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile drove by randomly.

I think its safe to say that he was probably the last Superstar. He had booked 50.. 50 completely sold shows at the 02 arena in London. That arena holds 23,000 people. There is nobody that would be able to pull that of these days. He engaged all demographics and populations of people.

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Heimdall said...

Best Buy was playing non-stop Michael Jackson music on the in-store audio system when I stopped by there today.