Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thats what Im talkin about..

So, with all the talk of the "revitalization" of downtown Leesburg, I will admit, I have seen alot of work being done. I live right in the middle of downtown and Im often walking to wherever, the post office, Leesburg Restaurant, The Firehouse etc. So I see all the work being done, lots of new paint, remodeling, new signs and all that. But still, not really any new business coming in.. except for one. Which after today, is my 2nd favorite place in "The Burg" besides the firehouse. Lloyd's Barbershop and Cigar Room right on King Street downtown.. and about a 45 second walk from my house. I decided to check it out today after walking by several times and reading an article about it yesterday in the paper.

Guys.. you can tell as soon as you walk in, your are going to get two things, a kick ass haircut and shave, and a damn comfortable chair to have it all done in. The chair I sat in is coming up on its 119th birthday. I met with Marvin the owner, who didnt even really need to ask what I wanted done, he just went to work when I sat down, with old school scissors, a straight razor and clippers. You wont find a flowbee or anyones nails being done in this place. When he says "Real American Barbershop" he isn't kidding. Even the cash register he took my payment with is from the early 1900's and works fine. The game was playing in the background on an old old radio. I was waiting for Andy Griffith and Barney Fife to come in for a trim, but oh well, maybe next time.

He said business has been good and that he cant complain at all. This is one place, I don't think we need to worry about being shuttered up anytime soon. Hope to see more business's coming in like this. Im pretty sure were good on banks in Leesburg.

Well, I know havent been updating. It will get better. Stephs on a 24 hour shift today, I have duty tonight, duty tommorow night, training Thursday night, a wedding on Saturday in addition to our Open House.

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Anonymous said...

Somebody call for a Doctor?

Anonymous said...

Mooseman and Jeffie Stains smell .