Thursday, November 15, 2007

Firefighter Down

With another week coming to a close, I dont have a whole lot to write about. I had duty on Saturday night which ended up being a fairly busy night. The night started out with us putting our old E-ONE Ladder truck back in service which entails moving all the equipment from our loaner ladder truck over to the E-ONE. The new tiller truck is in the station and just about ready to go into service. It took over an hour to move all the equipment over and make sure everything was working. Once we got all that finished up, we headed over to Station 1 to move some ladders around and replace some equipment for the ladder truck. After a quick stop by Station 20 it was off to dinner at Moe's. Shortly after dinner the tones dropped for a house fire in Ashburn calling for Truck 1 on the initial dispatch. This was the ladder trucks first run after being out of service for almost 6 months. So, we thought it would be great if her first call back on the road was a working fire. I think we made it to about Belmont Ridge before we were placed in service. I think it ended up being a malfunctioning furnance or something along those lines.

Second call of the night was another box alarm for an inside gas leak in Leesburg. Residents left a stove burner on and the house filled up with gas. 2 engines and the Truck from Leesburg responded along with Hamilton's Wagon 5 which was staffed by Leesburg members while CO 5 was enjoying their year end banquet. A few fans to the door, opened some windows, disaster averted.

Tuesday night we had a great drill down at Station 1. It was basically a Mayday drill, where we had a simulated fire ( smoke machines ) where a firefighter was down or missing and we needed to locate the downed FF and remove them from the burning building, along with any other vicitims. Myself, D-Rob and Gilly were riding the officers seat on the 3 pieces of apparatus involved. I was on the ladder truck, as soon as we got in the front door we heard the call for a mayday. We were just crawling past a hallway and heard the PASS alarm going off on the downed Firefighter. We made our way back there and found 1 FF buried under several mattress's and wooden beams simulating a roof collapse. It was smoked up pretty good back there so it was hard to see. While my crew was attempting remove the downed FF, the engine crew already had the fire knocked down in the kitchen, while the second engine crew led by Commander D-Rob along with Steph and a few others were completing searches and made another rescue I believe (must be nice to have a victim just laying out in the open.. not entangled in a bunch of wooden beams and mattresses). Anway, all the victims were found and rescued and nobody got hurt. Overall, a great drill and another great learning experience for everyone. Hats off to the probies on my truck crew who also did an outstanding job helping with removing the downed FF.

Im putting together a short video on it so I will get that posted in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Sounds like you all were busy out there. I remember that that as my first training way back in....well..a long time ago. Good Entry my friend.


Anonymous said...

are you a real fire fighter thats so cool. i wana b like you when i go bald.

Anonymous said...

HA HA you said "wood"