Sunday, April 24, 2005


Mornin... Its a crappy cold day here in Northern Viginia. At least it was when I came into work 2 hours ago. Since my shift is 12.5 hours theres little to no chance I will actually go outside today until 6:30pm when my shift is over. Unless of course I decide to go to 7-11 to get a red bull or something.

Kathleens not at work with me today, she took the day off. Today is her birthday. Instead of spending it celebrating etc. She decided to spend it running duty down at the firehouse. So she will be there all day today while Im at work. Im listening to the scanner though and they are already out on a call for investigation of odor of smoke in a residence. Kathleen and I have been on the same shift together now for about 1 1/2 years. She has accepted a new position in our company and will be starting that job at the end of the month. So she will have a regular M-F schedule ::pointing finger at Kathleen and laughing wildly::. We currently only work 3 days a week and have the rest of the week off which is an awesome schedule. So going to 5 days a week will be a big adjustment for her. It also means I wont see her very much, since I will still be working weekends and that will be her days off. So that will suck.

In other news,

T Minus 6 days until Im back on the firetruck and off medical leave. Its kind of sucked having a journal called "Becoming a firefighter" and I havent been on a call in months. I guess I could have changed the name to " Kind of Becoming a Firefighter, but its taking a really long ass time, because I keep having health".Anyway, Im excited to get back into it. Although I have to say Im in pretty sad shape since I have been out of it for so long. I need to hit the gym and work on some endurance stuff. Oh yeah, and I need to stop eating pizza all the time. Which will be hard since I love pizza. I heard a joke about pizza one time " Pizza is like sex, even when its bad, its still pretty good".

One last thing, we were talking the other day at work about all the cool stuff that should be avilable now since its 2005. Where in the heck are the flying cars?! Well, we found them here. Flying Cars

Well, thats about all I have for now. Im going to catch up on all the journal updates I have missed.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Speedy Delivery

Not much to report. We had a whole fiasco with our mailbox this week. We were unable to open it so the mail was piling up in it. I called the post office about it and they said the carrier would fix it when she came out the next day. Of course, when the next day came and went, it still wasnt fixed. So I called down to the Post Office again and this time I actually talked to the lady about the mailbox. She starts yelling at me saying " You havent got your mail in very long time!". To which I replied " That's true, how the hell am I supposed to get my mail when I cant open the box to get it?". Anyways, a bunch of mail showed up at our front door. So, the box is working now.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you bring your car to the dealer for, it can never just be one thing. It has to turn into some kind of drama with them. I brought my car into the dealer because I need to get the drivers side door fixed so I can actually open it. Theres something wrong with the locking mechanism. So I bring it in, about an hour later they call me on the phone " Mr Duddy, have you had any problems starting the car?". "Uhh, No, I brought it in there to have the door fixed, so dont tell me you magically discovered some secret hidden problem starting the car, just fix the damn door". I also told them to call me and tell me how much it will be to fix the door, that I didnt want to show up to pick up the car and have them hand me a nice new bill for 1000 bucks. She said OK and hung up. Calls me back about 3 hours later, and says OK, we found the problem, it will be about 200 dollars. Thats about what I was expecting, I said OK and told her to go ahead with it. Is that the end? Of course not, then she calls me back again and says actually, we found a bad actuator in the door, so it will actually be about 300 dollars. She tries to make me feel better by telling me they have one in stock so they will be able to do the work today. OK fine, do it.. about 30 mins go by, she calls me back again! This time she tells me the one they put in is actually bad and that they have to order a new one. That it wont be ready today. So, since I work on the weekends, I wont be able to pick it up till Monday. Anyway, I have been in a terrible mood all week and have had a hard time getting out of it. Im working on it though. Hope everyone is doing well. B

Sunday, April 03, 2005


So the weekend Journal assignment is to tell your best prank. Although this one is kind of morbid. It's still hilarious. Im sure, Mike, Kasey, Scott and Sam will find this amusing. I used to work the overnight shift in the ER at a county hospital in Tucson. One night it was unusually quiet. Which pretty much never happens at a county hospital. There was a security guard who also worked in the ER who was very afraid of being near, seeing, or touching a dead body. So, myself and several of the nurses decided we should have a little fun in our downtime. It was this particular guards unfortunate duty that evening to bring any bodies down to the morgue in the basement of the hospital.

That evening he was out in the parking lots checking the cars. We took advantage of him being out of the ER to set our prank in motion. We got out a bodybag, placed it on a gurney, and I climbed inside the body bag. I was not very thrilled about doing this, but since I was the new guy I had no choice. They zipped me up and we started down the hallway to the elevators. Another guard radioed for Dan to come meet him at the elevator so he could help put the "body" into the freezer. As I am being rolled down the hall, I am trying to very hard not to laugh, because I know this is going to be hilarious. The guard pushing me on the gurney, whispered to me that there was an X ray Tech coming down the hallway. As we got closer to the X ray tech he said "hello" to the guard.. just as we were passing the tech, I sat straight up in the body bag, according to the guard that was pushing me, the x ray tech didn't even flinch, just laughed and kept walking. Oh well, I still thought it was funny.

We get to the elevator, and Dan is there waiting for the other guard and the "body" they don't say anything and we all got in the elevator. As soon as the doors to the elevator close, Dan starts in about how this is the worst job ever, he hates moving bodies, it's creepy etc. The elevator stops at the basement and the doors open, now its on down the hallway to the morgue. At this point, its taking every fiber of my being not to burst out in a fit of laughter inside the bodybag.

We get to the morgue, I hear them open the door to go inside. The body fridges are right inside the door. I hear one of them open up one of the door and slide out the drawer the body is supposed to lay in. One guard grabs the head of the bag, and the Dan starts to grab the foot of the bag. As soon as I feel Dan start to touch the foot of the bag, I sit straight up in the bag and scream, he punches the bag (me) in the face and hauls ass out of the morgue. Myself and the other guard were laughing so hard, I barely even felt the punch. All you could hear was us laughing and Dan frantically pushing the elevator button trying to get back upstairs. He eventually forgave us for that one, but not before having my car towed across the street one night as payback. Good Times... Good Times.. lol B